Data Visualization

November 20 2020

Course: BAIT518
Audience: MBA students

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of business data visualization as a communication tool.
  • Understand the principles of visual perceptions and visual communications.
  • Create effective data visualizations using tools such as Tableau.
  • Design and execute database query languages such as BigQuery to perform data operations.
  • Apply data visualization and business analytics frameworks to analyze a business situation.

Key Modules

  • Visual Perception Fundamentals
  • Effective Data Visualization
  • Data Types and Chart Types
  • Visualizing Summary Statistics
  • Tableau Basics
  • Dimensions and Segmentation Visualization
  • Tableau Intermediate
  • Time and Spatial Visualization
  • Tableau Advanced
  • Data Connections
  • BigQuery
  • Data Visualization Applications