Curriculum Vitae

Updated: Dec 04 2015

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July 2012 - Present, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia


Ph.D., Business Administration, Washington University in St. Louis, 2007 - 2012
B.S., Statistics, Fudan University, 2003 - 2007
Exchange Student, National University of Singapore, 2005

Research Interests

Internet Advertising, User Generated Contents, CRM


Chunhua Wu, 2015, "Matching Value and Market Design in Online Advertising Networks: An Empirical Analysis", forthcoming, Marketing Science.

Chunhua Wu, Hai Che, Tat Y. Chan and Xianghua Lu, 2015, "The Economic Value of Online Reviews", forthcoming, Marketing Science.

Tat Y. Chan, Chunhua Wu and Ying Xie, 2011, "Measuring the Lifetime Value of Customers Acquired from Google Search Advertising", Marketing Science, 30(5) 837-850.

Under Reviews

Chunhua Wu and Koray Cosguner, 2014, "Profiting from Asymmetrically Dominated Alternatives: The Case of Online Diamond Pricing", revise and resubmit at Journal of Marketing Research.

Kangkang Wang and Chunhua Wu, 2015, "Product Design Outsourcing in Competitive Markets", Under review at Marketing Science.

Michael Lewis, Yanwen Wang and Chunhua Wu, 2015, "The Effect of Online Secondary Market on Season Ticket Sales", under review at Marketing Science.

Working Papers

Chunhua Wu, Kangkang Wang and Ting Zhu, 2015, "Can Price Matching Defeat Showrooming?", in preparation for submission.

Kaifu Zhang, Chunhua Wu and Xinlei Chen, 2014, "Review Extortion in An Online Market Place", in preparation for submission.

Chunhua Wu, Yanwen Wang and Ting Zhu, 2015, "Technology Adoption, Digital Inequality and Worker Productivity: The Case of Mobile Hailing Apps", in preparation for submission.

Chunhua Wu, Yitian(Sky) Liang and Xinlei(Jack) Chen, 2015, "Is Daily Deal a Good Deal for Merchants?
An Empirical Analysis of Economic Value in the Daily Deal Market
", in preparation for submission.

Work in Progress

Jason Ho, Charles Weinberg and Chunhua Wu, 2015, "Hollywood Movies in China: Which are Shown in Theaters and How Large is Their Audience?", analysis in progress.


Ting Zhu and Chunhua Wu, "Can Price Matching Defeat Showrooming?", SSHRC Insight Grant. 2014.

Chunhua Wu, Ting Zhu and Yanwen Wang, "Technology Adoption, Digital Inequality and Worker Productivity: The Case of Mobile Hailing Apps", SSHRC Insight Grant. 2015.

Chunhua Wu and Yanwen Wang, "The Effect of Online Secondary Market on Season Ticket Sales", SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 2015.


COMM365 Market Research, 4.6/5.0

Programming Skills

Linux, LaTeX, C++, R, SAS, MySQL, Python

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

2015 SICS Conference, UC Berkeley, July 2015
2014 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Emory University, June 2014
UW-UBC Marketing Conference, University of Washington, June 2014
Univesity of Alberta, March 2014
Seventh UT Dallas FORMS Conference, February 2013
University of Minnesota, November 2011
National University of Singapore, November 2011
The University of Chicago, November 2011
Rice University, October 2011
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, October 2011
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, September 2011
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, September 2011
2011 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Rice University, June 2011
2010 China India Consumer Insights Conference, Yale University, June 2010
2010 AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, June 2010
2009 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, University of Michigan, June 2009
2009 Collaborative and Multidisciplinary Research Conference, Yale University, May 2009
2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, UBC, June 2008

Other Experience

Co-founder,, 2007
Media Scheduling Analyst, Shanghai Media Group, 2006
Credict Risk Research Assistant, MasterCard Advisors, 2006