Updated: Oct 2018

Research Articles


  1. Wu, Chunhua. 2015. Matching value and market design in online advertising networks: An empirical analysis. Marketing Science. 34(6) 906-921.

  2. Wu, Chunhua, Hai Che, Tat Y. Chan, and Xianghua Lu, 2015, The Economic value of online reviews. Marketing Science. 34(5) 739-754.

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Papers Under Review

  1. Lewis, Michael, Yanwen Wang and Chunhua Wu. 2018. Season ticket value and the secondary market. under fourth round review at Marketing Science (minor revision).

  2. Wu, Chunhua, Yanwen Wang and Ting Zhu. 2018. Technology adoption, digital inequality and worker productivity: The case of mobile hailing apps. minor revision at Marketing Science.

  3. Wu, Chunhua and Koray Cosguner. 2018. Profiting from asymmetrically dominated alternatives: The case of online diamond pricing. revise and resubmit at Marketing Science.

  4. Zhang, Kaifu, Chunhua Wu and Jack (Xinlei) Chen. 2016. Review extortion in an online marketplace. reject and resubmit at Management Science.

  5. Wang, Kangkang, Chunhua Wu, and Ting Zhu. 2018. Price match guarantees in the age of showrooming: An empirical analysis. under review.

  6. Wu, Chunhua, Charles Weinberg, and Jason Ho. 2018. Act global, protect local: Hollywood movies in China. under review.

Working Papers

  1. Chan, Tat Y., Yijun Chen, and Chunhua Wu. 2018. Collaboration among competitors under incomplete information: An empirical matching model.

  2. Cosguner, Koray, Seethu Seetharaman, and Chunhua Wu. 2018. Dynamic Pricing for New Products: Utility-Based Generalization of the Bass Diffusion Model.

  3. Wang, Kangkang and Chunhua Wu. 2015. Product design outsourcing in competitive markets.

  4. Wu, Chunhua, Yitian (Sky) Liang and Xinlei(Jack) Chen. 2014. An empirical analysis of the economic value in the daily deal market.

Work in Progress

  1. Wang, Qiyuan and Chunhua Wu. Does Airbnb Save Homes? The Impact of Airbnb on Mortgage Delinquency and Housing Foreclosure.

  2. Yang, Fan, Chunhua Wu, and Charles Weinberg. Effectiveness of price incentives as invitation to search: An empirical study.
  3. Wang, Qiyuan, Chunhua Wu, and Charles Weinberg. Demand estimation with large product sets: Combining BLP with machine learning.